حريم السلطان – Hareem Al Sultan on OSN Ya Hala!

It’s been a while since i watched Arabic series, but the other day I was checking Ya Hala channel on OSN and I’ve seen a promo of Hareem Alsultan and I’ve liked what I’ve seen, epic story, war, women and great production, nothing tacky or cheap, so I started recording the episodes on OSN SHOWBOX.

Over the weekend I’ve watched few episodes. And it was really top production, the costumes, the makeup and the footage all are excellent.

As for the story, it wasn’t a slow show with a lot going on, the acting is really good and the women are super models and not shy to reveals their beauties, not recommended for kids and I would rate it for adults.

Plot> An invitation to enter the secret world of the harem. An epic Turkish production portraying love, betrayal, romance and intrigues in the life of Sultan Sulieman

OSN Ya Hala has launched their Youtube channel and it looks good, to check it out visit : OSN Yala Youtube Channel

To Watch Hareem Al Sultan online please visit: Link

18 Responses to “حريم السلطان – Hareem Al Sultan on OSN Ya Hala!”

  1. sadel20 says:

    Ihc liebe die serires hatem sultan

  2. admin says:

    Now it’s showing on Dubai tv .. enjoy all

  3. video rss says:

    video rss…

    [...]حريم السلطان – Hareem Al Sultan on OSN Ya Hala! « 18Seven, Its A Way Of Life[...]…

  4. Dee says:

    Hi, thank you for posting this….i have been trying to figure you WHERE the jewelry is from? Who is the designer who provided the show with these intricate beautiful head pieces? I am really trying to find out….and also the costume design?

    Grateful if you can help :) thanks

  5. admin says:

    I’ll try to find out :)

  6. admin says:

    The Music in your YouTube Link is for : Mesaj and Called Melih Kibar.

  7. kev11 says:

    thankss!! :)))

  8. admin says:

    You are most welcome :)

  9. Mina says:

    Does anybody know any good places to watch it online? preferably with english subtitles as my arabic is not 100% great yet :P

  10. admin says:

    I’m Afraid i don’t know any online website :( ..

  11. Eli says:

    This shows looks amazing. Shame it is not dubbed to English. My local OSN provider in Abu Dhabi insists that the channel is not supplying the English subtitles as announced. This is so frustrating.

  12. admin says:

    The Arabic dubbing is so perfect that i never thought to watch it in English, but how come there is no English subtitle in Abu Dhabi? im watching season two and t have English subtitle :) ..

    Thank you for passing by my blog.

  13. Ilham says:

    hi all…..

    can anyone tell me where online….i can watch hareem al sultan in arabic but with english subtitles starting from season 1 and also I live in london if that makes a difference……….

  14. Sihem says:

    where I can see hareem al sultan season 3 episode 22?? .. my mom loves the serie!!

  15. diseño web en mexico…

    [...]حريم السلطان – Hareem Al Sultan on OSN Ya Hala! « 18Seven, Its A Way Of Life[...]…

  16. logina says:

    i watch it in dubai channel cause i live in dubai it is so cool i wish i could just watch it over and over again

  17. logina says:

    i wish i could be one f them someday

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